Digital Visions

Knowledge is invaluable, but unfolds its real glory when shared.

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Digital Visions is a conference that we brought to life in 2012 and takes place every year in the central heart of beautiful Vienna. We wanted to create a place where we can invite well-known speakers and the community to share and discuss thoughts, knowledge and visions all about user experience, digital standards, future and trends.


For ourselves it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other experts coming from all over the world to crosslink knowlede with knowledge. And also we at Liechtenecker seek for chances to enter stages as speakers and love getting invited to other conferences to share our expertise and ideas.


The Digital Visions is surrounded by a very pleasant and cosy atmosphere, the same as it is in our lab and studio. The topics and sessions you will listen to are also very special. How will interfaces look in 2018? Why should every designer have a degree in psychology? Why is artificial intelligence the new user experience? All this you can find out at Digital Visions.

More of the future than on these two days you won't ever find elsewhere. We would love to meet you there.


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